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Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal is a promising Ear Nose Throat (ENT) & Head Neck Oncosurgeon practicing in Kolkata and Haldia. His educational journey has equipped him with a solid foundation in the field. He completed his MBBS degree in 2012 from Tripura University, India. Subsequently, he pursued further specialization by obtaining a Master of Surgery (M.S.) in Otorhinolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery in 2016 from B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal.

In Association with Ent Clinic

Excellence in ENT Services | Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal | Ent Clinic Collaboration

In collaboration with Ent Clinic, Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal brings his extensive expertise in Ear Nose Throat (ENT) and Head Neck Oncology to provide exceptional patient care in Kolkata and Haldia. With his remarkable educational background, specialized training, and dedication to advancing medical knowledge, Dr. Jaiswal, in association with Ent Clinic, ensures that patients receive the highest quality ENT care available.

Ear | Nose | Throat Checkup

A thorough ear, nose, and throat check-up involves evaluating auditory health, sinus conditions, and throat issues to ensure optimal well-being.Personalized care plans are then designed for optimal well-being.

Nasal Endoscopy

Our nasal endoscopy service employs a small, flexible camera to visually inspect nasal passages and sinuses. This non-invasive procedure helps diagnose and address sinus, breathing, and nasal issues with precision and comfort.

Oto Endoscopy

Our oto-endoscopy service employs a tiny camera to examine the ear’s internal structure. This non-invasive procedure helps diagnose ear conditions, infections, and hearing issues accurately, enabling tailored treatments for optimal ear health.


Our vertigo service offers specialized care for dizziness and balance issues. Through comprehensive assessments, we diagnose the underlying causes, which can range from inner ear problems to neurological issues. 

Fibre Optic Laryngoscopy

Our fiber optic laryngoscopy service employs a thin, flexible scope with light (fiber optic) to visualize the throat and vocal cords. This aids in diagnosing voice disorders, throat issues, and more, allowing precise treatments and enhanced patient care.

Allergy Skin Prick Test

Our allergy skin prick test identifies sensitivities to various allergens. Tiny amounts of allergens are applied to the skin’s surface, and any reaction indicates allergies. This quick, painless test helps pinpoint triggers, enabling effective allergy management strategies.


Best ENT Surgeon | Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal | Newtown, Kolkata

Experience exceptional ENT care with Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal, the best ENT Surgeon in Newtown, Kolkata. With extensive expertise and compassionate patient-centered approach, Dr. Jaiswal offers top-tier ear, nose, and throat solutions. Trust in his specialized knowledge for comprehensive ENT services tailored to your needs

Why best Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal | is the Best ENT Doctor in Newtown , Kolkata

Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal stands out as the best ENT Doctor in Newtown, Kolkata, due to his exceptional qualifications, extensive expertise, compassionate approach, and dedication to patient care. Here are some reasons that highlight his excellence:

Dr. Jaiswal’s impressive educational journey, including his MBBS from Tripura University and M.S. in Otorhinolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery from B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, reflects his commitment to a solid foundation in ENT care.

His pursuit of knowledge led him to undertake specialized fellowships in Head & Neck Oncology, Neurotology, Cochlear Implantation, and more. This diverse training equips him to handle a wide range of ENT issues with expertise.

 Dr. Jaiswal’s Fellowship in Head & Neck Oncology, both in India and abroad, showcases his dedication to providing advanced care for complex conditions, underscoring his position as a leader in the field.

His collaboration with Ent Clinic ensures a comprehensive and holistic approach to ENT care. This partnership allows him to leverage cutting-edge technology and resources, ensuring patients receive well-rounded treatment.

Patients appreciate Dr. Jaiswal’s compassionate approach, making them feel comfortable and heard during their medical journey. His focus on patient well-being ensures a positive and supportive experience.

Dr. Jaiswal’s diverse expertise covers areas such as general ENT care, head neck oncology, neurotology, cochlear implantation, and more, making him a go-to specialist for various ENT concerns.

Dr. Jaiswal’s commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements ensures that patients receive the most current and effective treatments.

Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal’s exceptional qualifications, specialized training, compassionate care, and dedication to patient well-being make him the best ENT Doctor in Newtown, Kolkata. His expertise, combined with his partnership with Ent Clinic, creates a powerful synergy that benefits patients seeking comprehensive and top-tier ENT care.

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Dr Anupama Sah Jaiswal ( BDS, MDS, FIMC)

Everyday:9am to 9pm

Consultant Endodontist & Aesthetic Surgeon.


Dr. Ragini Jaiswal (MBBS(Hons.) M.S. (ORL-HNS))

Everyday:9am to 9pm

Consultant Ear Nose Throat Surgeon, Vertigo & Allergy Specialist.

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Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal | Shapoorji ENT Hearing Vertigo & Allergy clinic - Shapoorji ENT & Dental Clinic, No. 119 First Floor, DLF Newtown Heights Plaza, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135

990 309 5838


Being the Best ENT & Vertigo Doctor in Kolkata we listed down the some general queries.

Dr. Rahul K Jaiswal specializes in treating various ENT conditions, including ear infections, sinus problems, voice disorders, and head neck oncology issues.

No, fiber optic laryngoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure and is generally not painful. The thin, flexible scope is gently inserted to visualize the throat.

A standard ENT checkup usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes. However, the duration can vary based on the complexity of the evaluation.

An allergy skin prick test typically takes around 15 to 30 minutes. It's a swift and efficient way to identify allergen sensitivities.

Results from a nasal endoscopy are often available immediately after the procedure. Your doctor will discuss the findings and recommend appropriate steps.

A vertigo evaluation includes a thorough medical history review, physical examination, and possibly diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of dizziness.

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